This is Custom Carbon Components largest area of development. We have worked on luxury conversions on Mercedes Benz vehicles. The list of features include: DVDs, game consoles, satellite navigation, sunroof installations, coffee makers, fridges, dual airconditioning, leather interiors, modified seats, chrome detailing, woodgrain/carbon look interior trim; the list goes on. The only thing limiting the options sometimes are your imaginations.

Custom carbon components Our performance vehicle applications stem from the Japanese performance market, mainly due to their availability and affordability. We own and run two Subarus of varying spec and the flagship of the company is a Nissan Skyline GTR Vspec. All these vehicles have been modified, and are still to be, in an effort to produce better products for sale. These modifications vary from car to car, but a brief overview is that one of our Subarus is a dedicated track car whearas the Skyline is built around a more street/track brief. With full leather interior and a suspension set up modelled on several Targa based cars and a power plant built more for torque than peak power. Further details will follow as the build up of these vehicles continues. It is through the use of these vehicles that we believe we have the necessary expertise to offer our products and services to anyone who needs a high level of quality and performance in these areas and beyond.

Our most recent work as been a complete rebuild of our track based Subaru. It is a 1996 model STI type RA. The engine required some work for the upcoming season so a complete rebuild was decided on as some changes were needed to try and push the envelope even further. The motor was removed, completely stripped and acid bathed to bring it up like new. The block is a EJ22 giving a bore and stroke of 97x75. It has been closed decked for added strength around the bores. Theh crank was then balanced, polished and fitted with oversize aftermarket bearings. Custom rods swing off this crank and are topped by full custom drop forged pistons. We then fitted a triple layer metal head gasket. MY97 STI heads have been fitted to this bullet proof bottom end. In these heads are STI cams, sodium filled valves and solid lifters. Compression now sits at 8.3:1. A custom lightened and balanced fly wheel has been mated to a 7 puck brass button clutch with cushioning springs and a 1200kg pressure plate. A new known weakness of WRXs are their gearboxes, so we decided on a full dog engagement box. A version VI STI casing was machined to accept the close ratios while both the front and rear diff were changed to clutch type LSDs with preload while the centre diff is a torque biasing locked diff. An interlock was also made and fitted to stop the annoying jamming associated with full bore dog boxes.

Bolt on accessories consist of TD-05 turbo, full custom 3" exhaust with custom dump pipes, separate wastegate pipe merging about one metre down pipes. These work in conjunction with a custom front mount intercooler with a matching pipe work. A must have for those track days is an oil cooler and a custom sump is on the way too. All this is controlled by the latest generation Microtech computer accompanied by a Digi dash.

The stopping a turning duties are also extensive, with AP calipers with V8 Supercar pads at the front braided lines and a master cylinder bracket to give excellent braking response.

Bilstein coil overs ,custom swaybars and links, urethane bushes, custom strut tower braces, quick rack steering, along with custom chassis bracing give the car brilliant handling. A fully welded roll cage is coming soon. Being an RA spec the shell was already pretty light but and trace of sound deadening was ground out. The car is a brutal performer. It still needs some fine tuning to optimise these settings and then it will be on with the season. This car was build to show what we can do as a company and we think it does that and more.

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